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October News Letter - Does Microsoft really know if your computer is having problems?
As people get wise to scammers� tricks, cybercriminals come up with new ways to steal money and personal information.

Their latest scheme: claiming to be calling (or emailing, or messaging) from Microsoft Support. They will tell you that Microsoft has detected a problem with their computer, and that they need more information or remote access to your computer so that they can fix it.

Once these criminals have your trust, they will try to do a few things. They might direct you to install malicious software, or send you to websites that might compromise your computer. They may take control of your computer if you give them access, and change settings to allow remote access at a later date. The scammer might also try to sell you services that you do not need (and collect your financial information).

Microsoft will never call you if you have not called them first about a specific issue. All unsolicited calls you receive claiming to be from Microsoft Support are scams. They will of course insist that they are calling from Microsoft if you ask, however your best course of action is to just hang up.

It is not just phone callers that falsely claim to be from Microsoft Support. Now these same groups are employing the advertising techniques used by legitimate businesses to place themselves prominently in Google search results. Be careful when visiting support sites that you find in search results, especially if they ask for personal information, or prompt you to install software. Local services provide you with better accountability, as they have an established reputation and brand to maintain, as well as local addresses and phone numbers.

If you believe that you may have been the victim of this scam or something similar, your best course of action is to contact a professional for advice. Call us at OnSite Computer Services (1-855-842-1877), and we will help you to ensure that your computer is secure.

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