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Remove the get windows 10 icon from your desktop     
Over the weekend is looks like Microsoft has started to push it's free upgrade to windows 10. We think it is great that it is being offered as a free upgrade to windows 7 and 8 users.

What we don't agree with is how they are going about it. On Monday we were flooded with phone calls regarding the free windows 10 icon on the desktop and if it is legit.

Short answer yes, it is legit. Long answer, it's a pain to have this icon on your desktop. Even if you go through the process of opting in for the upgrade, the icon will still remain.

Removal Instructions

From "Control panel" select "Windows updates".

At the top left of the window click "View installed Updates".

Find the update "Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3035583)".

Right click and select uninstall, and click "Yes" and uninstall this update.

Click "Restart now" to restart now.

After your computer has restared, go back to Windows updates and click "Check for updates". Wait for the process to complete. You should then have 1 more updated pending. Click the link under "Install updates for your computer".

Search for the KB3035583 update. Once the update is found right click and select "Hide update". This will ensure the update will not install again.

The checkbox on the update will now be hidden and the update will not install again.


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