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Surveillance Systems     
With shoplifting, employee theft, fraudulent activity, and vandalism on the rise, a smart video surveillance system is an important element in protecting your investment. Show that you are serious about security with an IP or CCTV based video surveillance system.
Surveillance Systems
  • Prevent theft: Prominently placed security cameras can help deter potential thieves and identify those who do steal. With continuous surveillance, facilities can be monitored and protected from break-ins and theft both during and after business hours.

    The presence of video surveillance cameras can also deter employee theft, as it can capture visual evidence of workers in the act of stealing from their employers.

  • Remote monitoring: Video surveillance allows you to monitor any of your cameras at any time of day over the internet.

  • Reduction in insurance costs: Most insurance companies will provide a discount on your premium when you install a video surveillance system.

    Surveillance Systems
  • Cost effective installation and maintenance: Choose from a variety of camera resolutions. Use higher resolution cameras to monitor sensitive areas like entrance ways, and lower resolution cameras to monitor less sensitive areas like staff rooms. This will reduce the overall cost of installation while still maintaining proper monitoring of your facility.

As always, OnSite Computer Services stands by its installation and products to ensure hassle free operation for your business.

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