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Outdoor Web Cameras

Add interactive content to your website, or monitor locations over the web.

Webcam Installation OnSite Computer Services is proud to offer you a variety of options in Business Class, Hospitality and Tourism, Leisure and Construction Site webcam hosting and installation.

Example sites with our outdoor web cameras include: Our Partnership with Ontario company StarDot Netcams enables you to implement and run a feature-rich interactive webcam on your website.

A powerer webcam enhances any website, and is predominantly suitable for companies and organizations in the Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality sectors seeking to further improve their online marketing and create awareness about your facilities.

Wireless Hotspot Solutions

In today's hotels, cafes and restaurants High-speed, wireless Internet is fast becoming an expected amenity for business and pleasure guests.

To stay competitive, these venues need to provide wireless (Wi-Fi) service. Hotel Guests can be connected to the internet not only in their rooms, but also at conference facilities, lobbies and hotel restaurants. In addition, people are tempted to stay on the premises longer where they will likely spend more money.

High-speed wireless internet connectivity can be a key component which makes visitors choose your business making them loyal, returning customers. Through the use of Wireless 'Hot Spotting' Wireless OnSite provides that "value added" service to your customers. With our product, your business will benefit from having the opportunity to receive marketing feedback from your customers through features such as online splash page surveys, comment cards, and other customer interactive programs. At the same time, Wireless OnSite provides you with the opportunity to inform customers on upcoming events, contests, deals, menu changes, etc.

Wireless Point 2 Point or Point to Multi-Point Solutions

Wireless Solutions You want to connect two LANs together between distant places, but traditional solutions ( dial-up, leased lines, or fiber ) are either too expensive, unavailable or they do not give you the speed and performance you want. Choose our Internet Point of Presence in a cost-effective manner using a wireless backhaul solution.

OnSite Computer Services offers P-P Solutions for short, medium, and long range, solving a wide number of network connectivity challenges. These solutions feature true wireless bridges that can transparently pass all MAC addresses from one point to the other. These flexible systems provide reliable, high-bandwidth connections for a variety of enterprise and service provider applications.
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Providing computer & network support for business and residential customers
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